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EASI® - European Academic Society for Implantology

In modern dentistry the area of dental implant placement nowadays fascinates the experts and the patients alike. The options that open up for every patient improve the quality of life considerably. Who does not know about the discomfort of people suffering from loose dentures, applying denture adhesive creams, pastes or powders up to having to do without a steak? 

It is dental implant placement you have to be grateful for, as now dentistry is capable of fulfilling the basic desire for strong and healthy teeth a lifetime long. Subsequently patients normally raise high hopes and expectations, that cannot always be realized completely.

 Dental implants help new quality of life to get Our teeth are not only tools for biting and chewing our food, but also an important part of our facial expression and even our physical appearance. Most people will be aware of this only after having lost one or several teeth. Dental restorations, such as the replacement of teeth are a matter that concerns more than fifty per cent of the population older than forty years. However, even younger people may also loose one or more teeth because of an injury resulting for example from an accident. For more than forty years dental implants have been attached to the jaw-bone; this means firmly anchored, immovable artificial teeth restore a firm and healthy bite. 


The European Academic society for Implantology is an association of highly qualified dental surgeons active in Basal Implantology.

Basal Implantology comprises all the measures, procedures and techniques necessary for patients with only poor remaining bone support or with a considerable jaw-bone atrophy. Now even these patients will benefit from firmly fixed teeth.

Measures being included are:

  • Placement of disk implants
  • Vertical bone augmentation to extend the retention space for a dental implant
  • Horizontal bone augmentation for an appealing aesthetic of the final provision
  • Detailed hygiene and wellness information are given to you enabling you to enjoy your dental provision for a long time

For more than forty years disk implants have been successfully placed more than ten thousand times, whereas they are still rarely made use of in Germany, although they represent the best option in this matter.

The members of the European Academic Society for Implantology are highly specialized dentists practising in France, Spain, Switzerland, Greece and in nearly every federal state of Germany. They are looking forward to giving you their skilled advice and detailed information.


European Academic Society for Implantology - EASI®